Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan


ISSN online: 2620-6390
ISSN print: 2086-4981

Publish twice a year (March and September)

Jurnal Teknologi Informasi dan Pendidikan (JTIP)  employs a double-blind peer review system, wherein the identity of both the reviewers and authors are kept confidential from each other for the entirety of the review process. The publication of JTIP is an academic publication that is overseen by Universitas Negeri Padang and collaborates with APTEKINDO. It was established in 2008. JTIP disseminates scholarly research papers including several domains within the disciplines of information technology and educational technology. JTIP is released biannually. Since September 2020, the Publisher has fully adopted the use of English language. The decision to transition to the English language was motivated by the publisher's desire to broaden the scope of citations and writers from many nations. This journal is also registered to CrossRef system with a DOI 10.24036/jtip.v15i2. JTIP is currently accredited on the Science and Technology Index with the predicate of Sinta 3. JTIP is now indexed in DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals).

Furthermore, particularly in light of instructor’s publication requirements, it would be highly advantageous for the accreditation to have worldwide recognition. The editorial board comprises members from the lecturer board within the Department of Electronics, as well as individuals from another university in Indonesia and an international institution. The Reviewer comprises experts from the Department of Electronics, particularly those specializing in Informatics Engineering Education, as well as other experts from various universities in Indonesia, including Gadjah Mada University, University of Indonesia, and Hasanuddin University. Additionally, experts from international institutions have also been involved in the review process. Given that the paper is submitted to JTIP, it is expected that the processing time may range from about one to four months. The reason for this is the abundance of submitted articles, necessitating a rigorous screening process for publication. Approximately 65% of papers are deemed to have successfully undergone the evaluation process and subsequently published in JTIP.

Currently, the JTIP has implemented a blind reviewer method and has incorporated the use of the Turnitin tool to detect instances of plagiarism. At now, JTIP is in the process of establishing itself as an approved journal. The JTIP platform is still in need of further enhancement, particularly in terms of improving the quality of the articles it provides and expanding the range of articles available for selection. This needs the aid of a scholarly publication or knowledgeable personnel.

This journal uses Open Journal Systems 2.3.1, which is open source journal management and publishing software developed, supported, and freely distributed by the Public Knowledge Project under the GNU General Public License.