(Studi Kasus UPN Veteran Jakarta)

  • Nurhafifah Matondang UPN Veteran Jakarta
  • Bayu Hananto UPN Veteran Jakarta
  • Catur Nugrahaeni UPN Veteran Jakarta
Keywords: Our Index, Security, University


The University has a number of data relating to Academic and Higher Education Governance. The large amount of data that requires security, especially in terms of readiness to secure information systems. Maintaining information system security in the university environment aims to maintain confidentiality, fulfill the availability of the system for those who have authority for those who use it and the integrity of the system. The University of National Development "Veteran" Jakarta has work units such as the Faculty, UPT and Bureau where each has the task and function to manage data. The problem is the need to measure the level of information system security to see the maturity of an information system at UPN Veteran Jakarta. OUR Index stands for Information Security Index which is used as a tool to analyze and measure and evaluate the maturity level of information security with the application of SNI ISO / IEC 27001: 2009 standards that can be applied within government agencies. As for the KAMi index version used, namely version 3.1. The method used to solve the problems in OUR index is through six stages, namely the first stage of electronic systems, both information security governance, third information security risk management, the four information security management frameworks, the five asset information management and the six information security technologies. The results obtained after taking measurements using the US Index need improvement in system security in managing information security risks and governance.

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N. Matondang, B. Hananto, and C. Nugrahaeni, “ANALISIS TINGKAT KESIAPAN PENGAMANAN SISTEM INFORMASI”, JTIP, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 51-55, Mar. 2019.
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